beautifly: a gift from the past

Defence of a graduation project, a company party, a honeymoon, the birth of a child. These are the memorable milestones of the road travelled. All that remains is photos and impressions… We’ll refresh your memories. We’ll transform photographs of static moments into living 3D videos.

A happy life. Videos produced from 3D photographs are an alternative to heavy photo albums. A carefree movie containing former magic moments from the journal of your memories… it’s truly dreamy! The video can be given to the girl you love, shown to friends or sent to family by e-mail. What else?

  • Upload the video to YouTube, your personal blog, a website or social networking site.
  • Impress your guests at parties by showcasing 3D photographs on a huge screen.
  • Play your personal movie on your computer or cellphone.

For more information, call +7 (495) 545-45-27.

The symbol of immortality, beauty and courage, tenderness and strength. A butterfly can’t defeat the wind, but always manages to attain its goal. Does your company always obtain the desired result?

A successful business. We can help corporate clients solve several problems at once. You’ve launched a new product, want to increase public awareness of your service quality, are preparing for a trade show, are going to meet a potential investor? A promotional video produced from 3D photographs will help you present yourself to customers and associates.

At meetings, offer your business associates a USB Flash-drive containing a video produced from 3D photographs. It will add depth to the discussions. Display a trendy digital photo frame containing a corporate video in your reception area. Visitors to your office will surely find it interesting.

What else is this video useful for?

  • As a unique presentation during trade shows.
  • As an original advertisement that sells.
  • As an effective viral marketing tool.

Differentiate yourself from competitors, attract new customers, increase market share. In the video we can include your logo, information about your company, product offerings and contact information. For more information, call +7 (495) 545-45-27.

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